Best Online Brokers of June 2022

Best Online Brokers of June 2022 – Overall

Fidelity Investments Broker

Fidelity Investments

Account Minimum: $0

Fees: $0 for stock/ETF, $0 plus $0.65/contract for options.

Why We Selected It

Overall, Fidelity is the best online broker. It stands out as a great, all-around platform that is great for aggressive traders, long-term investors, and people who are new to investing.

Fidelity provides high-quality transaction execution at the lowest cost. It is rare for a broker to let you trade stocks, ETFs, and options without paying a commission and without selling order flow. With an average execution time of 0.07 seconds, 85% of orders are finished at a higher price than the National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO).

At other brokerage firms, selling order flow helps make up for the income lost from commission-free trades, but it usually leads to worse execution quality.

Fees at Fidelity are very low. For example, it is the only broker we looked at that doesn’t charge a fee for wires going out. This is a small detail that shows how it works as a whole.

Fidelity has been in the mutual fund business for 70 years, making it an industry leader. In 2018, the company came out with index funds that didn’t have an expense ratio. This showed that it was committed to value and low prices. Retail brokerage account holders can buy these funds with no minimums and no fees.

Fidelity lets you trade fractional shares of more than 7,000 U.S. stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Charles Schwab, a competitor, only sells fractional shares of S&P 500 stocks. Fidelity also stands out in international stock trading by giving customers access to the markets of 25 countries.

Argus and Zacks are two examples of independent research sources that offer studies. The Fidelity stock screener, the stock research dashboard, and the strength of the Active Trader Pro platform all help users find trading opportunities that could be profitable.


✔ 87.36 % of Fidelity’s orders are completed at better prices than the national best bid or offer.

✔ Comprehensive research and asset scans

✔ The money is automatically invested in a money market fund.

✔ Various education options


✘ You may need to use Fidelity’s online platform and Active Trader Pro to get the necessary tools and research.

✘ Accounts can’t be opened by people who don’t live or work in the U.S.

Best Online Brokers of June 2022 – For Beginners & Mobile

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade

Account Minimum: $0


$0 for stock, ETF, and per-leg option trading commissions.
$0.65 per option contract.

Why We Selected It

TD Ameritrade is a very flexible online broker that does well in many areas, including education, research, platform, and technology. These things make it the best choice for first-time investors who want to learn the ropes.

The platform has useful educational tools like the free TD Ameritrade Network streaming video platform, in-person seminars, well-made online courses, articles, videos, and webcasts.

TD Ameritrade’s courses have progress tracking and game-like parts that give students points and badges for their successes. Some advanced subjects are technical analysis, investing for income, and trading options.

TD Ameritrade lets you filter educational content based on your skill level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced). The media type is helpful since there are many ways to learn (articles, videos, webcasts, courses, or events).

Also, Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones, and Credit Suisse offer news and independent research through TD Ameritrade. The Market Java newsletter gives daily inspiration to the company’s clients. It is sent out before the market opens and includes information about pre-market conditions, significant stock moves, and analyst opinions.

New investors will always have questions that FAQs or chatbots can’t answer. TD Ameritrade has phone support available 24/7, as well as a message center, live chat, and a message center to help with these questions.

Most of the time, it’s wise to try out trading strategies in a virtual world before using them in the real world. With the paperMoney trading simulator, beginners can learn how to trade without risking real money. Users can evaluate ideas using real-time market data from multiple marketplaces.


✔ Extensive education section with beginner-friendly learning paths.

✔ Dashboard on mobile and online where users may rapidly access account information.

✔ Various trading platforms and investment options for investors and traders of all sorts.


✘ It may be necessary to use numerous platforms to access your chosen tools.

✘ Difficulty selecting the most appropriate account type may result from the abundance of options.

Best Online Brokers of June 2022 – For Options



Account Minimum: $0


$0.00 for stock

$1.00 to open option trades, and $0.00 to close

Why We Selected It

Tastyworks was made by people who know a lot about options trading, and this is clear in the platform’s innovative features. This user-focused broker offers low fees, cutting-edge technology, and unique tools to help you develop options trading strategies.

Commissions on stock option transactions are set at $10 per leg, making Tastyworks’ prices and costs competitive. It also lets you trade stocks and ETFs without fees and has one of the lowest commission rates for futures.

The Tastyworks platform gives users a great experience on desktop computers and mobile devices.

With a simple right-click on the trading platform, the rapid roll function lets you move your option position into the next expiry cycle. 

Follow Feed lets you see the trades made by a group of experienced traders, which can give you new trading ideas. You can choose who you follow in the feed based on your interests. You can even follow the trades of the site’s creator, Tom Sosnoff, who began his career as a floor trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE).

It was a big surprise to hear back from Nick Battista, co-host of the Bat vs. Bat show on the Tastytrade network when evaluating the quality of customer service at Tastyworks.


✔ All of the required choices tools

✔ Charting is modified for options, enabling analysis of the risk profiles of the combined position.

✔ Incredible collection of unique, options-focused material


✘ If you have come to tastyworks to trade anything other than options, you have come to the incorrect place.

✘ No fixed income trading occurs (outside of ETFs that contain bonds)

✘ Additional portfolio analysis necessitates establishing an account with the Quiet Foundation, which is also part of the tastytrade empire.

Best Online Brokers of June 2022 – For Advanced and International Trading

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers

Account Minimum: $0


Maximum $0.005 per share for Pro platform or 1% of trade value

$0 for IBKR Lite

Why We Selected It

Interactive Brokers has long been a favorite among active traders and investment professionals. It’s because of low commissions and fees, a huge selection of tradable assets, and a robust platform and tools.

Commissions and costs are essential to active traders. Since $0 commissions are now the norm for bargain brokers, it’s getting harder to determine which ones offer the best value. All of the commissions and fees that Interactive Brokers charges are very low. The company continues to excel in margin interest rates, where it beats competitors by more than a few percentage points.

This broker’s access to markets all over the world is another plus. Interactive Brokers make it easy to trade stocks on the Hong Kong stock market or try out futures options on the Mexican Derivatives Exchange. There are 135 open markets in 33 different countries.

Interactive Brokers’ desktop product Trader Workstation (TWS) has Level II market data, advanced charting, technical analysis tools, scanners, alerts, and streaming Bloomberg TV. There are also hotkeys, which are popular with professional day traders.


✔ Outstanding order execution

✔ Low-interest rates on margin

✔ Cryptocurrency joins a lengthy list of assets that may be traded.

✔ Orders that cover every possible situation


✘ IBKR Lite customers do not have access to SmartRouting.

✘ Learning TWS may need some time.

✘ No backtesting of proprietary trading Algorithms or automated trading are permitted.

Best Online Brokers of June 2022 –  For ETFs

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab

Account Minimum: $0


$0 for stock and ETF trading

$0.65 per options contract

Why We Selected It

In many of our categories, Charles Schwab was a strong candidate for first place. Ultimately, its representatives’ dependability and skill propelled it to the top of the customer service rankings.

Charles Schwab’s website is straightforward to browse, and assistance services are prominently displayed, unlike the websites of many other brokers.

In our testing, phone requests were addressed in minutes. An actual operator almost promptly responds to an uncommon amenity, Schwab’s live chat help. Representatives are trained and certified experts. Typically, they carry a Series 7 license, and some hold additional licenses.

Additionally, Schwab has a large branch network across the United States for those who want a one-on-one encounter with a consultant.


✔ The StreetSmart Edge ETF filtering tool

✔ Customizable and robust platform for StreetSmart Edge

✔ In addition to its ETF-specific capabilities, Schwab is a good broker generally.


✘ Investors need to use StreetSmart Edge to get the top ETF screener.

✘ Schwab’s options and futures trading platforms are distinct, so keep that in mind if you want to trade in those products.

However, these Best Online Brokers of June 2022 are only Finxpd’s recommendations; investors must thoroughly evaluate the platform and technology provided by each broker. Ensure that the tools it provides match your investment approach. A reliable broker is considerably more than only a platform for transaction execution. Consider working with a broker who can support your decision-making and growth as an investor through high-quality research and instructional tools. Also, examine the level of customer service you are comfortable with. Some brokers provide live chat and phone help 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but others offer just email support.

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